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Student Membership

Student Membership Fees (Including GST) (To be collected initially in First year)













-MBA /M Tech. Students 2 yrs PG course


-MCA Students 3yrs PG course


-3 yrs Diploma in Engg. & Tech (Polytechnic)


-BE/B.TECH/B. Pharma/HMCT(4Yrs)


-Student Membership Fee B.Arch. (5 yrs)



Rs.      150         +                  27


Rs.      200         +                   36


Rs.      200         +                   36


Rs.      250         +                   45


Rs.      300         +                   54



=Rs. 177/-   per student


=Rs.  236/-   per student


=Rs.   236/-  per student


=Rs.  295/-   per student


=Rs.   354/-  per student



The list of the students should be sent in a soft copy in excel sheet by email : . The list and a single DD of total amount collected should be sent by post to ISTE Hqrs., New Delhi

Eligibility for Student Membership

a)  Any student (of full time/part-time course) enrolled in an AICTE approved Technical institution is eligible for student membership.

b)  Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form of the Society.

c)  Every application for membership shall be recommended by the Head of Institute/Faculty Advisor of the ISTE Students Chapter concerned, collectively.

d)  The Executive Council shall have the power to refuse admission to any applicant with out assigning any reason.

e)  Student Membership forwarded through ISTE Students Chapters will only be entertained.

f)   Faculty Advisor/Student Chapters are requested to forward students forms in bulk with a combined DD in favour of ISTE, New Delhi at a time. Pl. avoid sending forms individually. Kindly collect form at a time and draw a single DD then Send it to ISTE.

g)   Minimum strength to establish ISTE student chapter (first time) in AICTE approved institution is 100 students  or 50% of annual intake (whichever is less) at a time provided institute is institutional member of ISTE first.



Consequent upon the decision taken by the Executive Council in its 108th ISTE Executive Council Meeting held at Gulzar Group of Institutions, Khanna, Ludhiana (Punjab) on 10th February, 2017, the distribution of student membership fee stands modified in the following proportion:

               Chapter      :  50% of basic fee

               Section       :  20% of basic fee

               H.Q.            :  30% of basic fee

No deduction of share in admission fee of Rs.50/-

Basic fee after deduction + Admission fee of Rs.50/- to be sent to ISTE Delhi by the concerned Student Chapter as per the distribution.