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ISTE-Cisco provide summer courses to all ISTE student members registered in institutions of India on subjects like Python and Cyber Security, free of cost. All the students after successful completion of course will be certified by Cisco. The initiative, apart from certification, will equip them with skills and aptitude for career opportunities.

I. PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python

Python is a general-purpose programming language used to build just about anything.  Python is key for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing, all of which are key for pursuing IT careers. 

With PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python you learn to design, write, debug, and run programs encoded in the Python language.  No prior programming knowledge is required.  The course begins with the very basics guiding you step by step until you become adept at solving more complex problems. 

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

- Develop a working knowledge for how computers operate and how computer programs are executed.

- Evolve critical thinking and problem-solving skills using an algorithmic approach.

- Learn about the the programmer’s role in the software development process.

- Translate real-world issues into computer-solvable problems.

II. Cybersecurity Essentials

The Cybersecurity Essentials course develops foundational understanding of cybersecurity and how it relates to information and network security. The 30-hour course introduces students to characteristics of cyber crime, security principles, technologies, and procedures to defend networks. Through interactive, multimedia content, lab activities, and multi-industry case studies, students build technical and professional skills to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

- Learn procedures to implement data confidentiality, integrity, availability and security controls on networks, servers and applications.

- Understand security principles and how to develop security policies that comply with cybersecurity laws.

- Apply skills through practice, using labs and Cisco Packet Tracer activities.

- Get immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and tests.

- Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.


Students can register online for following the below link :