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Participation in Skill Development training program in Industry 4.0 for faculty 

ISTE in collaboration with BNY Mellon has planned to conduct Skill Development Training Programs in Emerging Technologies for teachers working in engineering colleges in the country. The purpose of the training is to make them familiar with the latest trends followed in Industry to bridge the gap between Industry and engineering institutions.

The first initiative of this venture was a training programs on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Internet of Things (IoT). These programs were in high demand and were tremendously useful for the faculties. The faculties who completed these programs successfully have appreciated the initiative and are making good use of it.

Now, ISTE & BNY Mellon have planned to conduct the skill development training program in Industry 4.0 for interested faculties in online mode very shortly. The interested faculties have to register for training by filling the google form. Please note neither Institute nor Faculty have to pay any fees/ charges for this training.  It will be totally free for them. However, it will be the responsibility of the Institute to spare faculty for training as per schedule and faculty is expected to complete the training successfully with required attendance and performance during program.


Eligible faculties for attending Industry 4.0 training

Faculties from CSE, IT, Electronics and allied branches and Mechanical having basic knowledge in Circuits and C Programming.

The registration can be done by clicking on the following link:

I appeal to you to encourage participation in these programs. Further, I request you to circulate this information among the nearby institutions of your place and appeal to them to participate in this program. The details can be had from ISTE website  or in case, any queries please mail


The registration link will be open for further two more week i.e. till September 24, 2023.



Python, Electronics and other basics – 12 sessions

Protocols and standards -6 session

  • Open Platform Communications
  • Message Queue Telemetry Transport
  • Distributed network protocol (DNP3)
  • Constrained Application Protocol

Single Board Computers - 12 session

Industry 4.0 dashboard - 6 session

  • Data Insights and Decision Making
  • Digital twin design
  • Digitalization

Smart Factory - 6 session

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Mass Customization
  • Fault tolerant Systems
  • Autonomic Machine Control and Monitoring

Supply chain monitoring - 6 session

  • Supply Chain Strategies
  • Industry Operations with Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain performance measures
  • Supply Chain Technologies

CPS programming and modelling - 12 session

  • Python packages for CPS
  • Node-Red Platform and its features
  • Programming with sensors
  • Kicad and 3D printing module design

Total – 60 Sessions

Benefit to Institute:

  1. Opportunity to provide training to faculties in emerging areas through experts
  2. Trained teachers have to conduct training program for students in the area they are trained.
  3. Opportunity for student to gain knowledge in emerging areas
  4. Possibility of taking Industry based projects in these areas.
  5. Skilled faculties will be an asset to the institute.

Benefit for Faculty:

  • Gain knowledge on trending technology at no cost.
  • Earn a recognition certificate on successful completion of the final assessment with full attendance.
  • Self-development in emerging areas is possible with this knowledge.

Please identify the eligible faculties who are having basic knowledge and ready to train students after successful completion of training. 


Salient features of the program

  • Institute can nominate maximum 2-faculties for Industry 4.0.
  • The final selection for the program will be based on the performance in pre-assessment test.


For Pre-Assessment, prepare the following subjects:

  1. Circuits
  2. Sensors
  3. Basics of C Programming
  4. Basics of Python Programming


  • Faculties selected will be given online training @ 2hours per day. It may vary depending upon the situation.
  • Training will be followed by regular assignments and test and final test at the end of the program.
  • The faculties fulfilling the attendance criteria and having performance above the norms fixed will be eligible for certification.
  • After the successful completion of training the faculties have to train at least 100 students in the area they have acquired training.
  • The names of faculties are to be recommended by institute only. It will be the responsibility of the institute to spare faculties for training during training hours.
  • Students in the institute get an opportunity to learn and become familiar with the emerging area.
  • Institute can have well trained faculties in emerging areas. This will help to enhance the standard of institute


Actions to be taken by the Institute:

  1. Identify the faculties for training and recommend them for training in a prescribed format.
  2. Spare selected faculty for training during the training schedule.
  3. Provide necessary motivation and support to faculties undergoing training.
  4. Arrange for training of students through these trained faculties.

We all are aware that every institute is starving for excellence. This is one of the golden opportunities which you should not miss, where you can train the qualified and suitable faculty who in turn can continue to train your students.

In case, if you have any queries, please mail to